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Jupiter April 9, 2016

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Jovial planet

Twinkling in the eastern sky

Laughing at this world

Magnetic field April 6, 2016

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Rising from the south pole,
Pushing the compass needle
                  is that
Dragging with it
  the charged particles
     blown off of the Sun
         that would strip our DNA
     of important atoms
  slamming them down
     into the air
         where they fluoresce
      in dancing lights
   and sing
in radio

It loops back down in the north
   passing through the Earth
        to rise again
           protecting us
        like a cocoon
   from the harsh
life giving Sun

Robin at my door April 6, 2016

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This was supposed to be for April 5, but I forgot to post it.

There is a robin at my door
He comes at dawn each day
Sits in the lilac bush
Waiting for the golden Sun
To hide my image
And reveal to him 
     his rival
Who sits every day
Slightly transparent
In a ghostly lilac bush
Taunting the robin at my door
     Mirroring his every move
     Puffing out his red breast
The robin flies at my door
Beating his 
          against the glass
         or exhausted
he returns to the lilac
And glares at me
Though I can only assume
It is his 
That truly frustrates him.

Solar Eclipse 08 March 2016 March 8, 2016

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Tonights solar eclipse might not be visible in the US, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss it!

Watch on NASA TV, and learn more about the research astronomers and planetary scientists can do:


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