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A haiku for astronomy in Michigan March 23, 2013

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a haiku for a typical observing night in Michigan

observers gather
the telescope is ready
clouds come to join us

An invitation February 21, 2013

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Because today I keep thinking it is Friday, and it is almost time to go home, that it has been a long busy week, and that I want to go home, curl up on the couch, and stare at a good book (I’m too tired to actually read it.)

I’m not actually very fond of the smell of Geranium, but I had one on the kitchen windowsill in college, so it is a scent I came to associate with that lull in the day that (hopefully) falls between the end of work/class and the start of evening tasks. I’m pretty sure the armchair enjoys that lull too.


Sit Down.
Place your feet between my feet.
Lay your arms along my arms.
Rest your head on my back. 
Sink into my cushions.
Close your eyes 
and breath 
the scent of geraniums 
warmed by the light 
of the setting Sun.

haikus for form fields August 22, 2011

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I have been writing and testing a lot of forms lately, and I got tired of filling them with “test number 1” and “lorem ipsum.” Really tired. I hope you enjoy bad haikus.

this description is
an entertaining haiku
written to test this

a haiku to test
the functioning of this form
success will bring joy

Please fill my inbbox
with form results messages
one for each "Submit"

This description is
merely a test of this form
there is no meaning 

meaningless words here
unformatted form contents
look strange in email

White clouds in blue sky
Seen while stretching my shoulders
Will this form work now?

information or questions
normally go here

Daily Post Curmudgeon January 2, 2011

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I am not participating in the daily post challenge.  Not even the weekly post.

It is not because I don’t believe in the aphorism “to write more, write more” because that is quite true.  The more often I spend time writing, the more writing I tend to do. And reading. Writing always makes me read more, usually whatever I’m writing about.  There’s a Billy Collins poem about how reading poetry makes him want to write poetry, which makes him want to read poetry, which makes him… so I know I’m not the only one.

Nor is it because I don’t have the time.  In truth, I write enough to post once a week.  I might even have enough to post daily. And I’m not a complete hack.  Yeah, I can’t resist the occasional bad haiku, and sometimes there’s a paragraph or two that I don’t proofread (or worse, I do proofread, but I can’t see that I’ve written something backwards.)

No, my problem is the premise: to post for the sake of posting.  It is one thing to write every day. I do that, and I have the scraps of paper everywhere to prove it. However, it is something else to post something for the sake of posting something, to make your writing public and ask all your friends and followers to read it and praise you for your ability to put words together. Even if it’s well written, a hundred other people have a post on the same topic.  How original is that? There’s a reason most of my writing is still on paper scraps.

I have better things to do with my limited free time than to write (or read) a post that has been posted for the sole purpose of being able to say “300 days in a row! I’m awesome!”

I’m sure you do to.

Challenge for 2011: Want to blog more often? — Blog — WordPress.com.