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I am the instructional support person and outreach coordinator for the University of Michigan Department of Astronomy.

What else can I really say?  I live astronomy.  And science.  I get a kick out of science.

You can find out more about Michigan Astronomy at http://www.lsa.umich.edu/astro. Or, find out more about me  (including contact information) at my “(very 90’s) homepage” at http://www.umich.edu/~aquilla (someday I’ll have time to redesign this…)


1. Jonathan Baginski - December 7, 2014

Hello Shannon, I just wanted to let you know your site is great! I unexpectedly acquired a C8 Celestar yesterday, and thanks to your blog I had it in pieces quickly verifying the internals and other bits. Thank you! As a side anecdotal note, I just ended a contract at UofM. I was in the storage area of ITCS, I skimmed your dept’s website many times 🙂 I’m also a member of the Warren Astronomical Society, if you get some free time, you’re more then welcome to join us for a night at our observatory 🙂 http://www.warrenastro.org/was/

aquillam - December 8, 2014

Thanks! I’m glad it was helpful.

One of these days (preferably a clearer, warmer day) I WILL get out to Stargate Observatory. And to Cranbrook too!

2. RayKobes - February 23, 2013

A very informative blog for the amateur stargazer and telescope owner like myself. I will hopefully be referring back to this blog a lot in the future!

3. Bob Connell - December 3, 2010

I came across your site while searching for a Clear Sky Clock WordPress widget. I just had enough time to read about the Meridian ‘scope Harp entry. Very cool.

I’ll be back to peruse the rest of the posts.

Bob C

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