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The Moon and Aldebaran November 3, 2017

Posted by aquillam in Astronomy, MichiganAstro.

The Moon will be full at 1:23 AM on November 4 in Ann Arbor. But November 5th is the day to watch it.

Get out a telescope or a pair of binoculars and head outside a little before 8 PM. Look in the direction of the Moon, but find Taurus, and the red star Aldebaran. Keep your eye on that star, because at about 3 minutes after 8 PM, it’ll disappear behind the Moon! (See a map of where it’s visible and local times for more places on the The International Occultation Timing Association website.)

If you miss the disappearance, you can try and catch the reappearance. It is best if you have a relatively wide field, so you can see most if not all of the Moon. The Moon moves west to east with respect to the stars, so you’ll want to watch the western edge of the Moon. Unfortunately, whether you should watch the top, middle, or bottom depends on where you’re observing from. In SE Michigan, Aldebaran should reappear from about the middle of the western edge at about 8:57 pm. Give yourself several minutes lead time to prepare, because it’s really easy to miss the moment of re-appearance!

If you miss this one, your next chance will come December 30.



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