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Teach-Feast 2014: BYO device November 25, 2014

Posted by aquillam in teaching.

On Nov 21, the Friday before Thanksgiving, the Teaching and Technology Collaborative (TeachTech) hosted a one day series of workshops. These are my notes on the sessions I attended.

The Bring Your Own Device session was a roundtable, sharing ideas about what people are doing with devices around campus. Here are some highlights.

Using the conditional/branching abilities in Qualtrics to design a responsive assessment. Instructors can embed materials live video in a survey, then ask for responses. The next set of material the student is presented with depends on the response.

The file size allowed in Qualtrics is limited, so Lesson Builder (in CTools) was discussed briefly as an alternative.

For those who don’t want to do assessment, maybe just foster discussion, Twine could be a useful tool. It allows users to incorporate many different types of materials, not only images, text and video, but also variables and conditional logic to assemble “interactive, nonlinear stories.” It is free for anyone to download and use, and it generates a website that you’ll need to host.

BlueJeans is an easy to use conferencing tool. It can tie into telecom equipment like a Polycom, a webcam, or a regular old phone. The video and audio are synchronous, but on different bands, so you can still get clear audio even if you bandwidth is too poor to transmit video. The biology department has used it during class, so the professor and a researcher can work in a small lab while a large class watches AND can respond to the professor as they normally would. Screensharing allows the professor to switch between showing the lab and the data processing or a powerpoint slide. (you still have to have someone in the lecture hall to run the iClicker software if you want that.)

As an FYI, may departments around the University, including the libraries and Language Resource Center, keep a regular count of the number of people using the facility on an hourly basis. If you see students wandering around with iPads or clipboards, making notes, they are probably doing the hourly headcount.



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