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Enriching Scholarship 2014 – Lightning talks May 5, 2014

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Enriching Scholarship is “a week of free workshops, discussions, and seminars… for instructional faculty and staff” at the University of Michigan. The first session of the week was From Inspiration to Implementation: Teaching and Technology Today and Tomorrow. The first half was a series of lightning talks.

What is ARIS – Phil Cameron

Augmented Reality interactive Storytelling The web editor is free to use and works in any browser to create a game. To play, the app in currently iOS only, but the software is open source so any developer could create an Android version.

ISS special Event Support – Jean Arnold

ISS can provide support for special events. Astronomy used their services to run a live feed from a telescope down to the auditorium for the transit of Venus. They also can run 35 mm film, and they provide the projection support for Top of the Park.

MiVideo – Rob Pettigrew

MiVideo is a media space in CTools which supports both upload and viewing of videos and other multimedia through CTools. Using Kaltura, some simple editing is also available. The media is secured in CTools so only your students can see it. The library can help with liscensing so even feature films can be made available.

more MiVideo – Amber Smith

The tool is useful for providing media outside of classtime. It allows students to work at their own speed, accessing the video multiple times, pausing and rewinding if needed. It also frees up class time, so instructors can spend class discussing the material rather than watching the video then trying to work on their own after class. Students get the chance to evaluate work before coming to class.

Latina Oral History Project – Jonathan Jones

This was a project to collect an oral history from Detroit Area Latinas. Students had to learn about the culture, plan their interviews, then use technology to record and edit the interviews to prepare them for a national archive.

BlueCorps – Judith Zatkin

Recent grads are employed for 1 year to help faculty become more comfortable with technology. Projects range from a couple hours training or help deciding on which technology to use, to several meetings to get the instructor used to technology (e.g helping set up clickers for the first 5 classes) to semester long assistance with major projects, like implementing a class video project.





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