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Potted plant April 18, 2013

Posted by aquillam in Astronomy, poetry.
The philodendron sprawls
Across the shelf
Like a bored 12-year-old
Restless and motionless

A vine plunges toward Verne
	Coiling around an embossed image
		Of the Nautilus
A leaf flops over the broken spine
	Of Treasure Island
		Them that die will be the lucky ones!

Rooted to the spot
	Would it drift away with Phileas Fogg
	       Or climb into Dr. Cavor’s contraption?
Vines cascade over the edge 
       like a boy falling overboard
		Ready to join the Troops

A leaf curls thoughtfully back toward the pot
      Contemplating the closet -
            Is it as good as a wardrobe?
      Would a magic ring in an enchanted castle 
	    Work when worn on a petiole? 

Is there a world where philodendrons can fly?


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