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12 astronomy trivia for 12/12/12 December 12, 2012

Posted by aquillam in Astronomy, Science.
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  1. The 12h Right Ascension line runs between Megrez and Phecda, the two non-pointer stars in the Big Dipper.
  2. Regulus has a declination of about +12 degrees
  3. Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the Sun
  4. The next time 12/12/12 happens will be a thousand years from now.
  5. Mars is 12 light minutes from the Sun (on average.)
  6. Iota Pegasi, the second star in the lower leg, is about 12 light years away.
  7. The faint southern hemisphere star zeta Reticuli is 12 parsecs from Earth.
  8. The 12 month calendar is based on the lunar phase cycle (365 days/year and 29.5 days/cycle gives 12.3 cycles per year)
  9. The Sun is 12 times hotter than Venus.
  10. Today, Venus is just over 12 light minutes from Earth.
  11. Today, Mars is just under 12 light seconds from Earth
  12. Today, Saturn has a declination of -12 degrees.

I got the distances to objects and coordinates from Starry Night.



1. aquillam - December 17, 2012

oops – I got number 4 from the ASP, but actually the next time 12/12/12 occurs will be 2112, which is only a century from now (and is a visually interesting date if you use a 4 digit year too)

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