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Blazing a trail with the Perseids August 8, 2012

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Blazing a trail with the Perseids.

The most famous meteor shower of the year is this weekend!

According to AstronomyNow, the peak will be around midday UT Sunday(I love British media, always giving times in UT!) That’s late morning here in Michigan, so the best time to watch will be pre-dawn on Sunday.

In SE Michigan, the best thing to do will be to go someplace far from city lights between 2 – 4 AM on Saturday night and look eastward.  After 2 AM is the time when we are actually headed into the stream. Just as you  hit more insects with the windshield than the taillights, Earth hit more meteoroids on the side that’s pointed forward along the orbit.  before 4 because the sky starts to brighten about 2 hours before sunrise, which is a little before 6:30 on Sunday.

Of course, all you really need is patience and a clear, dark sky, so if you’re really into shooting stars, what’s a few extra hours? Stay ’till 5:30! Also, don’t forget to check the weather reports in the afternoon. There’s nothing worse than getting up, dressed, and caffeinated only to discover the fog has rolled in!




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