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A Good Reason to Wake Up at Dawn – NASA Science July 3, 2012

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A Good Reason to Wake Up at Dawn – NASA Science.

Sunrise comes early this time of year, but for die-hard astronomy types, it’s worth getting up early these day. Two star clusters and two planets brighten the pre-dawn morning.

If you’re only willing to make it one morning this month, make it July 15. Venus, Jupiter and Aldebaran  form a tight group during that week, just a few degrees below the Pleiades. But on July 15, a crescent Moon joins the group.

If you’re interested in astrophotography, this is a good opportunity to try out your camera. These are all fairly bright objects, which means you don’t need a telescope to see them. Also, an exposure of a few seconds will capture them, so you don’t have to worry about tracking for a long time, or waiting hours to see if you actually got the image you were hoping for. You will need a tripod, and either a remote or a delay setting or your image will be wiggly. And of course your camera will have to have an adjustable exposure setting.



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