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Awesome Astronomical Image Search January 12, 2012

Posted by aquillam in Astronomy, MichiganAstro.
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AstroPix Beta.

It’s a beta, that is true. The website is still a little rough around the edges, runs a bit slow (or maybe that’s my connection…) and there can’t be more than a few hundred images, but this is most certainly a site worth perusing.

The search functions are great. The images not only have titles and information about where they came from, they’re tagged with all sorts of other info.  Want images of the same nebula in IR, H-alpha, visible, and x-ray? You can search for that. Artists’ concepts of an accretion disk around a binary star system?  You got it.

The only real problem I’ve found is that the image collection simply isn’t very large yet. For example, there are only 5 images with “spectral.centralWavelength” of 656 nm, and not one of them is the Sun. That should improve though, and even with a relatively small set of images, this is a great resource.



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