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The Night After Christmas Sky Show – NASA Science December 23, 2011

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The Night After Christmas Sky Show – NASA Science.

If the kids get you up too early on Christmas morn, you can try taking a look for Comet Lovejoy. It’s headed south though, so if you’re as far north as I am, it’ll be a tough catch. Maybe I’ll get a glimpse of the tail…

If you happen to be in the southern hemisphere however, you can’t miss the comet. Really. You need to set an alarm for an hour before sunrise and get out there. It’s spectacular. Check out the pictures on http://spaceweather.com/.

Slightly easier is Mercury, 10 degrees up and almost due southeast at 7:30 AM on Sunday here in Michigan.Southern observers should look for it to the east of comet Lovejoy.

Everyone gets a treat Christmas night. Jupiter, Venus and a young moon will gather in the western sky after sunset. Take that new pair of binoculars out and have a look, because you’ll be able to see those three object no matter how bad the light pollution is. They’re an easy target for beginners too, and the Earth-shine gives a nice bit of detail to the Moon without being blinding.




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