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Citizen Scientists Making Incredible Discoveries – NASA Science April 25, 2011

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Citizen Science projects are projects that ask you, the citizen, to collect, analyze or process data like a scientist. SETI at home was the first major citizen science project. It asked users for their spare processor time. It made for a nifty screen saver, but didn’t take much involvement or input from you.

The Galaxy Zoo changed that. They asked users to classify images to determine what type of galaxy was in the picture. Along the way, several amazing things were discovered, and they were discovered by people like you.

If galaxies aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other projects in the Zoo now.  You can search for supernovae or new planets, or even read old ships logs for the weather reports.

Read more about the discoveries and the origins of Galaxy Zoo at

Citizen Scientists Making Incredible Discoveries – NASA Science.

Or joint the Zooniverse at http://www.zooniverse.org/.



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