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Morning planets March 30, 2011

Posted by aquillam in Astronomy, Galileoscope, MichiganAstro.
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I just wanted to do a quick post to highlight some upcoming observing opportunities.

First up, tomorrow morning (March 31) the waning crescent moon will be very close to Venus in the pre-dawn sky. Venus is getting low, so the Moon can be a big help if you have trouble finding it.

Venus continues to hang out in the morning skies for April, but the fun comes at the end of the month. In the last few days of the month, Venus is joined by Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. Keep a special eye out on the mornings of April 29 for the apogee cresent moon (one of the smallest of the year) and on April 30, when an old moon joins the planets in a tight cluster.  It’ll be twilight for all of this, so you’ll need a pair of binoculars or a small ‘scope for everything except the Moon and Venus.

The end of May brings one of the best aspects of Mercury all year.  May 30 should be especially nice with Jupiter, Mars, the old moon, Venus and Mercury all spread out in a line.

Of course all these nice morning planets carries a downside. The only thing out in the evening is Saturn. Of course that is my favorite planet to watch with my Galileoscope!



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