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Not quite telescope advise January 30, 2011

Posted by aquillam in Astronomy.
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When we arrived home this evening, I got out of the car and looked up (as I always do.) It was beautiful! Dark and clear, with Jupiter and Orion practically jumping out of the sky. It was also 15º.ANd dinner time.

What to do? A gorgeous sky in Michigan in January is not to be missed. But 15º is cold, especially if you’re putting your face up next to a metal tube. So what did I do?

I grabbed the pair of binoculars, which we keep hanging on a coat hook in the mud room.  It was the highlight of my previous post on buying a telescope, and I still stand by that advice.  They cost a bit more than the Galileoscope, but I can grab them and run right back outside. No tripod to set up, the focusing is quick and easy, and they are really easy to point.

So I think it’s time to reiterate: if you’re thinking about buying a telescope, consider binoculars first!

Orion is lovely, by the way. Also, it’s 10º now, so I think I’ll enjoy the view on my computer.



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