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Meteor shower radiant picture August 29, 2010

Posted by aquillam in Astronomy, MichiganAstro.

The World at Night has an image from  Juan Carlos Casado that shows the radiant of this year’s Perseid Meteor shower.

Meteor showers are named for the constellation where the meteors appear to originate. Meteor showers are actually the debris left from a comet, and the debris lies along the comet’s path.  When Earth crosses the path, the debris hits our atmosphere and burns up, creating a meteor shower. Since the debris is basically in one spot, all the meteors appear to come from that one spot – the radiant.

The image shows the sky over several hours, so you can see what is meant by a radiant.  It’s also a beautiful picture of the fall skies, with things like the Pleiades and Andromeda galaxy.


While you’re on the TWAN site, be sure to check out their beginners guide to sky photography: http://www.twanight.org/newTWAN/article.asp?ArticleID=3003&page=1, or Solve a Mystery http://www.twanight.org/newTWAN/mystery.asp.



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