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Galileoscope observations March 8, 2010

Posted by aquillam in Astronomy, Galileoscope, MichiganAstro.
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I’ve been posting observations for Globe at Night (http://www.globeatnight.org/) and we’ve had a series of unbelievably good nights for winter in Michigan.  But I am lazy, so I haven’t wanted to haul out my C8. But my galileoscope is just sitting in my dining room waiting to be used.  So I grab it and my Sky Quality Meter and head outside.

The Galileoscope is somewhat more powerful than my binoculars.  The Orion Nebula looks absolutely spectacular. The Pleiades are very nice, but they are wider than the field of view of the ‘scope, so I think I still like the binoculars better for them.  Mars is decidedly unimpressive. Saturn however is tiny, but has rings.  Of course, I know what I’m looking at, so I have a little trouble telling if my impression of a crisp hoop around the planet is really there, or if my brain is filling it in.  In either case, I certainly couldn’t mistake it for ears, so to the Galaileoscope team: COngratulations, you accomplished the goal of having something better than Galileo, but for a lot less money!

Last night I tried to take some pictures.  unfortunately, nothing was bright enough for my little digital camera, at least not while I’m just holding it up to the eyepiece.  In 2 more weeks the moon should be back in the evening  sky, and maybe it’ll be in time for the next round of good weather. Fingers crossed!


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