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Mars Hoax returns June 9, 2009

Posted by aquillam in Astronomy.

After a couple of years without any questions, the Mars Hoax seems to be back.

Back in 2003, I got quite a few questions about this.  In fact, I got different versions of the email from the same person a couple of times. It happened again in 2004. But in ’05 and ’06, I only got one or two emails, and I don’t remember seeing any the last 2 years (then again, maybe I’m just blocking it.)

But I’ve gotten 2 emails already this year, and it’s only June!

So first and foremost, Mars will not even be visible in the evening in August this year. That business about the closest approach in human history? That was 2003. 6 years ago. Please stop forwarding that email. Please.

In the meantime, you can check out http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2009/09jun_marshoax.htm?list166241, which just goes to show I’m not the only one getting the emails. And if you do want to know what’s out, just scoll to the bottom of that page. There’s a couple good links there.



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