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c8 repair – opening the base part 2: the bottom and motors June 2, 2009

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This post is one in a series about C8 repair and maintenance.  You should see the introduction and disclaimers before trying anything here.

This is part 2 (obviously.) You need part 1: opening the base before you can do the things on this page. That’s also where you’ll find the links to the other things you can do with the base open.

The bottom half of the base

Inside the base

Inside the base

The bottom part of the base is fairly simple.  There is the center RA axis the telescope rotates around, and the motor mounts and power cords. There are two motors to prevent backlash and keep the drive operating smoothly. You can see the small drive gears in the image to the right. They should be cleaned and greased whenever the telescope is opened up, but be careful not to get grease in the motors.

Any repairs or replacement of the motors should be done from the bottom.  The motors can actually be removed and replaced without opening the telescope.  Just be careful the gears mesh properly when you slip them back into place. (before you ask, I haven’t had to replace any of the motors on the telescopes here, and I follow my own advice of “if it ain’t broke…” so I have no pictures or advice to share on how to accomplish that.)

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