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arrived in St Louis May 30, 2008

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I’m in St Louis for the AAS/ASP/ Preparing for the Internaitonal Year of Astronomy meeting.

The trip was as uneventful as everyone said it would be.  I felt like the most disorganized person in the airport, but I made it with all my stuff in tact (and I didn’t have to check anything!) The flight was a little turbulent, which thrilled the little girl sitting behind me, but not exceptional.

A little while before we started the descent, I noticed that there were a lot of small creeks and streams cutting across the landscape.  They all had actual starting points, and all wandered pretty straight in one direction.  Then the plain banked and I could see further in that direction.  They were all running to the Mississippi, which is, in fact, huge.  I can actually see it from my hotel window, and it took me a little while before I figured out what I was looking at.

When I was a kid, I didn’t actually realize that the expressway and the streets around the hospital actually crossed a river, because it was too hard to see the river from the car.  I don’t think I could make that mistake here.



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